A pleasant stroll among vineyard-covered landscapes

Wine Routes are a set of routes, tracks and paths designed by the Rioja Alta Wine Route to give visitors the chance to cover dozens of kilometres of natural landscapes covered with vineyards and to discover the culture, history and rich heritage of its municipalities.

Below, we present the three Wine Routes passing through Casalarreina, connecting it with other towns in La Rioja Alta to perfectly complement a visit to the municipality.

Wine Routes

By the Roman Bridge

  • ROUTE: Haro – Anguciana – Cihuri – Casalarreina – Haro

  • DISTANCE: 22,5 km

  • DURATION: 5 hours on foot, 1.7 hours by bicycle



It starts out from the municipality of Haro, continuing along a unique route which coincides with the Camino de Santiago. Following the Arrauri route, we reach Anguciana. From here, we continue to the town of Cihuri, which we enter through the Priorato neighbourhood. Here, after crossing its unmistakable bridge, we walk along the river until we reach Casalarreina, a municipality we access via its 19th century bridge over the River Oja. Here in Casalarreina, the Wine Route takes the N-232 road to reach a rural track which once again leads to the Camino de Santiago and heads once more towards Haro, completing this 22.5km circular route.

Wine Routes

From the river Ebro to la Piedad

  • ROUTE: Haro – Gimileo – Ollauri – Rodezno – Zarratón – Casalarreina

  • DISTANCE: 15,8 km

  • DURATION: 3.5 hours on foot, 1.2 hours by bicycle


  • DIFFICULTY: Medium

This Wine Route starts in Haro and ends in Casalarreina, covering almost 16 kilometres through the municipalities of Gimileo, Ollauri, Rodezno and Zarratón.

Beginning the route in Haro, we go along a road running parallel to the N-124 as far as the Gimileo road. This municipality’s panoramic viewpoint across the River Ebro is unmissable. From here, one can admire, among other places, the Sotos, a protected space included in the Natura 2000 network. Continuing the route along the N-232 road, we reach the town of Ollauri, where we follow a road from its town hall to the next municipality along the route: Rodezno. The highlight of this municipality, above all, is its Bodegas neighbourhood which adds a wine tourism attraction to the route. After crossing the town and following the LR-311, we reach Zarratón, where we continue along the LR-111 until we reach Casalarreina, the end of the route.

Wine Routes

Oja-Tirón river banks

  • ROUTE: Casalarreina – Tirgo

  • DISTANCE: 8,5 km


This Wine Route, 8.5 kilometres long, connects the towns of Casalarreina and Tirgo. The former is located at the confluence of the River Oja and the River Tirón, while Tirgo is surrounded by the course of the River Tirón. Specifically, the path runs along the bank of the River Oja and then skirts around to the left of it, belonging to the municipality of Casalarreina, and heads towards Tirgo.

This route covers typical landscapes of the banks of both rivers, wide areas devoted to crops, above all cereals, and vineyards. Perfectly adapted to be covered on foot or by MTB, it is an ideal choice to discover La Rioja landscapes and the heritage of both municipalities and is suitable for all kinds of people.