Perfectly conserved manor house with a kitchen garden.

This building has a ground floor and two upstairs floors, with a square plan of approximately 21 × 21 metres. Built in ashlar stone throughout the 19th century, it is currently in a good state of conservation. Like other palace houses in the municipality, it is a house opening onto a kitchen garden.

  • ADDRESS: Avda de la Rioja, 47, 26230 Casalarreina, La Rioja – How to get »

Located on the road to Haro, one’s attention is drawn to the restrained and symmetrical façade and the playful use of spaces and its coat of arms in the middle of the main façade. It has two balconies, period hinges and carved corbel eaves. As for its strips, a horizontal strip can be seen dividing the two floors and two slight vertical strips making the central coat of arms stand out.

Did you know?

  • Many large houses and small palaces were crowned with a coat of arms on their main façade as a sign of distinction and as a reminder of the lineage of the family owners.
  • The house has a kitchen garden to supply its residents.