A bridge linked to the region’s grape and wine growing tradition.

Right in the historical centre of the municipality, the bridge over the River Oja is not only a fundamental piece of infrastructure enabling the crossing of the river, it also holds great heritage value linked to the history and culture of Casalarreina.

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In La Rioja in the 18th century, there arose the need to reach the sea as quickly as possible to export the wines of Castilian La Rioja, specifically to reach the city of Santander. Territories such as Navarre and Álava enjoyed privileges which prevented La Rioja from competing under equal conditions. For this reason, in 1783, 52 villages and towns in La Rioja, including Casalarreina, decided to come together in a group and form the Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País de La Rioja Castellana [the Economic Society of Friends of Castilian La Rioja Country] whose statutes were approved by Royal Decree under the command of King Carlos III in April 1788. After it was founded, bridges and roads ending in Santander were created. One of these tracks comprised a road between Gimileo and Pancorbo, which the bridge over the River Oja at Casalarreina came to form part of.

The bridge, whose construction was supervised by Antonio Bolaño, was delivered in 1831, with something of a delay from the original provision and a final cost of 990,159 reales, an increase of 761,739 over the cost provided for at the start of the work. Built in ashlar stone, it has three semi-circular arches. It is magnificently conserved, having undergone a major cleaning and restoration of its most deteriorated areas in 2005, so that 190 years after its construction, the bridge over the River Oja looks as good as new.

Did you know?

  • It was built in the 19th century with the aim of transporting the wines of Castilian La Rioja to the city of Santander to facilitate their distribution by sea.
  • In order to build it, the Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País de La Rioja Castellana was created. This was approved in 1788 by Royal Decree of King Carlos III.