Take a trip around our enviable natural environment.

Casalarreina has extensive natural spaces, both within the municipality and in the surrounding area. These route enables you to discover the natural values of the municipality, to connect with nature or enjoy your leisure time in fresh-air spaces that have been cared for and well-prepared.

Below, we present the natural resources and other points of interest on the route:

  • 1. Pobes Spring
  • 2. Environmental Workers’ Park
  • 3. Solidarity Park
  • 4. Municipal swimming baths
  • 5. Sports area
  • 6. Children’s playgrounds
  • 7. Motor home area

The first area we cover is the left hand bank of the river, that is, the natural spaces of Pobes Spring and the Environmental Workers’ Park. Continuing the route, after crossing the bridge over the River Oja, we cover the area corresponding to the right hand bank. In Solidarity Park, there are several children’s play areas for the youngsters to enjoy. Later on, we reach the swimming baths and municipal sports facilities area. The municipal motor home area is also located in this area.

Lastly, we find ourselves next to the footbridge over the River Oja, the meeting place for different nature routes in the region, such as the Green Way of the Oja, the Oja-Tirón Green Way and several Wine Routes which pass through Casalarreina. If you wish to carry on discovering the natural environment of Casalarreina, you could link up here with one of these routes.